Saturday, January 5, 2008

Starting up

Here I am, embarking on the development of my new software business! Verdict so far: busy, but good busy.

I've stepped out on my own to develop software that works with and within the growing ecosystem of geographic information systems. This is a very exciting time in the geospatial world, with lots going on -- an opportune time for the birth of a new company. I'm eager to share what I can along the journey.

This blog will be a mixed announcement platform, dumping-ground, soap-box, and entry point into the many conversations happening out there on the web. Here's what to expect, especially while I'm focusing most intently on brewing up new software:
  • Code: I've been the beneficiary of open source for a very, very, long time now. Where it makes sense to do so, I plan on giving back.
  • Articles: I enjoy (over-) explaining things, particularly programming-related. Perhaps someone might find it useful; almost everything I've learned about coding in the last five years has been from the web.
  • "Blog" material: Pointers to useful resources, off-the-top-of-my-head pontification, product reviews, links to offbeat YouTube videos...
Here's to the interesting times ahead!

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